The Marshal Experience

Before I get started I am going to apologise about the length of this post it is rather long. So this post is going to be slightly different from my last few posts and is not going to be looking at a product but instead looking at my experience of marshalling at the men's and... Continue Reading →

DIY Headcover

Before I start I need to mention LoPan12 on the GolfWRX forums for giving me the initial idea and a starting point. So if you know how to use a sewing machine or even if you don't then you will be able to do this. Before doing this I think I had used a sewing... Continue Reading →

PE Golf – Custom Headcovers

The aftermarket head cover market is currently booming with more options available than ever before gone are the days when it was just your putter cover that would be aftermarket and the animal head driver cover. You can now choose from a range of pre designed offerings or if you are feeling creative you can... Continue Reading →

Direct to Customer Golf Balls

Over the past few years there has been a surge in the number of manufactures who are offering golf balls direct to the customer and cutting out the middle man of a golf store or pro shop. The benefit of this is that we, the customer, are able to get ‘tour’ level golf balls at... Continue Reading →

A New Way to Pay and Play

A new way to play - Paying by the hour The Lodge of Four Seasons at Lake Ozark in Missouri is going to be trialling a new pricing structure along side the traditional pricing structure at its two courses 'The Ridge' and 'The Cove'. Unlike the traditional and commonly used structure that most golf courses... Continue Reading →

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