The Hook

For those of you who have not heard of The Hook before they are a small British company trying to make a mark in the golfing industry with their uniquely branded line of golf balls and accessories. The first thing I want to talk about is their name, The Hook, having talked to a variety... Continue Reading →

Subscription Boxes – Ball Drop UK

Subscription boxes have become more and more popular over recent years and are available for a number of different products from shaving products to toys, so it is no wonder that they have infiltrated the golf market. There are a number of different subscription boxes available ranging from tees to clothing, to meet a variety... Continue Reading →

Nike ID

  There’s no denying there is something special about owning a custom made item whether it be a putter, ball marker or pair of shoes.   With Nike no longer in the equipment game and focusing more on their apparel and shoes might we see the return of Nike ID. Nike ID is still around... Continue Reading →

DIY Headcover

Before I start I need to mention LoPan12 on the GolfWRX forums for giving me the initial idea and a starting point. So if you know how to use a sewing machine or even if you don't then you will be able to do this. Before doing this I think I had used a sewing... Continue Reading →

Direct to Customer Golf Balls

Over the past few years there has been a surge in the number of manufactures who are offering golf balls direct to the customer and cutting out the middle man of a golf store or pro shop. The benefit of this is that we, the customer, are able to get ‘tour’ level golf balls at... Continue Reading →


Bputters - The Italian putter company Bputters is a small custom putter manufacturer based in Italy which was born on the golf course. They pride themselves on their unique Italian approach to milled putters, and there commitment to making high quality putters that any golfer would be proud to own. As they say on their... Continue Reading →

Yips Golf – Glove Review

The Brand; If you haven't heard of Yips Golf then you are not alone, they are a relatively new brand in golf based in Sweden looking to liven up with golf game with a bit of colour and style. They currently have a range of gloves ranging from the more traditional white, with a camo... Continue Reading →

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