The Hook

For those of you who have not heard of The Hook before they are a small British company trying to make a mark in the golfing industry with their uniquely branded line of golf balls and accessories.img_2581

The first thing I want to talk about is their name, The Hook, having talked to a variety of different golfers about the branding of these golf balls there was a mixed response. Some of them thought the idea of playing a golf ball with ‘hook’ on it was a fun idea with their natural shot shape being a slice. While some others weren’t a fan of the idea of looking down at the ball and seeing ‘hook’, this is similar to the idea of playing a ‘Yips’ branded golf glove. Personally I think it is a fairly clever name to use for a golf brand, however I can understand why some golfers may not be a fan.


Now onto the important stuff their golf balls, The Hook currently offer 3 different options when it comes to golf balls they have the Comp H3, the Tour H2 and the Pro H1. As you would expect with any golf ball manufacturer these range in construction with the comp H3 offering a 2 piece construction, the tour H2 has a 3 piece construction with a urethane cover and finally the pro H1 being a 4 piece urethane covered ball.


I tested these balls out side by side in a number of situations on the green, around the green and out on the course. So lets start on the green as to me this is one of the areas where majority of golfers will notice a difference. When you compare the 3 balls beside each other it is clear to see a difference in colour between the comp H3 and the other two, the comp H3 is whiter if that makes sense. This made me think straight away that it was going to be hard and not soft sounding when hit, which I was somewhat right. All 3 balls performed well on the green, I struggled to notice a difference between the tour H2 and pro H1 which you will notice as a theme running through this. The comp H3 did have a bit more of a click to it when struck however this was only really noticeable when comparing and playing along side the other two balls.


Around the green is where I saw the real difference between these balls, I hit a number of chip shots from varying positions and varying different flights including some bunker shots. The comp H3 did not seem to grab very much on these shots and never really stopped due to spin it would just run out I never noticed it check up, which when playing on greens as fast as my home course you need something that will. Again I struggled to notice any real difference between the tour H2 and pro H1, both of them on a number of occasions checked and either slowed down or stopped, one thing I did notice here which is in keeping with what I have noticed on other urethane covered balls is that the cover started to show some wear from being struck by my wedges repeatedly, this did not effect performance however.


Finally on the course, I used all these balls for at least one full round, albeit not always the exact same ball. Playing on a links course when it is this hard and fast with the wind can cause some awkward bounces and there may have been some wayward shots thrown in as well. It is hard to say if one ball went further than another as a lot of that is down to where they hit and how much run they got. However I never felt like any of them where going any shorter than one another. I enjoyed my rounds with all of these balls and never felt like I was put at any real disadvantage using one over another unless I was looking at trying to stop the ball on the green which I talked about earlier.


If I had to choose one ball to play then I would go with the tour H2, partly due to the fact I struggled to notice much difference between it and the pro H1 and with the tour H2 being cheaper it makes sense to go with that. Also I did manage to chip in for an eagle 2 with the tour H2 on the 17th at my home course after hitting a perfectly executed draw round a dog leg with my 3 wood, which ended up going 315 yards, yes it was down wind and it was bone dry baked fairways.


All in all I was impressed with The Hook’s offerings and would recommend you guys checking them out. The balls are reasonably priced as well when you compare them with other similar style balls, the comp H3 costs £19.99 for a dozen or £5,99 for 3. The tour H2 is £24.99 for a dozen or £6.99 for 3, which for a 3 piece urethane covered golf ball is good value. Finally the pro H1 costs £29.99 for a dozen or £7.99 for 3. If you are interested in giving these balls a go check out their webpage,


Thanks for reading and happy golfing.




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