Subscription Boxes – Ball Drop UK

Subscription boxes have become more and more popular over recent years and are available for a number of different products from shaving products to toys, so it is no wonder that they have infiltrated the golf market. There are a number of different subscription boxes available ranging from tees to clothing, to meet a variety of demands. The most obvious to me is golf balls as it is impossible to play golf without a ball so getting them delivered every month makes sense to a regular golfer.


I decided to dip my foot into the subscription box market with Ball Drop Uk, one of the main reasons being they have the option to get different balls every month which is ideal for me as I love trying out new equipment. Ball drop currently offer 3 different packages, the select your own which as the name suggests you pick the balls and the amount you want each month. The standard subscription which gets you 3 ‘standard’ balls from a different manufacturer each month including Vice tour, Bridgestone E6 and OnCore Caliber to name a few. The final option is the premium subscription which gets you a sleeve of premium balls including Vice Pro/plus and Snell MTB.


Signing up to the service is very easy, you pick your package enter your details and then wait to receive your balls at the end of the month. You are not tied into any lengthy contracts and can cancel when ever you want. In terms of price it varies depending on what you sign up for the standard and premium drops are £6 and £9 plus shipping. The select your own varies depending on what balls your pick and how many you get.
The important question is it worth signing up to, if you are looking for a way to try out a range of golf balls to find out what suits you best then yes definitely. It might take you a few months to get there however it allows you an adequate length of time to put the each new drop of balls through their paces before you get your next lot.
Along with this you also get to try golf balls which can be hard to get over here in the UK, a good example is OnCore, I had been looking to try their balls for a long time but never wanted to pay the shipping and import charges associated with shipping them. Using Ball Drop UK I got to try the balls out at a fraction of the cost and without being stuck with a couple dozen if I didn’t like them.

All in all Ball Drop Uk is very good option for fellow equipment junkies like myself or for someone wanting the convenience of getting golf balls delivered to their door.

Thanks for reading and happy golfing.


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