Pendulum Golf – The wedge grip specialists

Pendulum Golf are a UK based company who have leaped into the grip market more specifically the wedge and putter grip market. The company was set up by two professional with the idea of helping golfers ‘achieve the perfect grip every time.’ They saw that there was a gap in the market when it came to wedge grips so decided to make their own.


Their wedge grips feature a unique design not seen on any other grips, first thing you will notice before you pick them up is the design of the grip. They feature a bold chevron pattern down the sides of the grip with a centre line running down the front. These markings are designed to help with finger placement when griping the club. You place you thumbs down the outside edges of the centre line and use the chevrons to align your fingers.


Once you get the grips in your hands you will notice that they are slightly thicker than standard which means you do not need to put as much pressure into your grip. This is designed to help you feel more relaxed over your approach shots. You will also notice that the grips are made from a composite material that feels different to the majority of other grips on the market.


I currently have the grips on both my 52* and 58* wedges and I am thinking about getting another one to put on my pitching wedge. I have had them on for about two months now and I wont be taking them off anytime soon, I love the combination of the unique feel and the slightly thicker feel. I play all my iron and wedge shots without a glove, don’t ask me why, so the feel of my grips is very important to me. The composite material is very smooth and tacky and feels great in your hands and does not become particularly slippery when wet which is fantastic.


While I cant say I have become a better golfer since putting these grips on I can say that I feel a lot more comfortable when I pull one of my wedges out the bag now. Having the chevrons down the side means I can grip down the club consistently without having to think about it.


Along with the wedge grips Pendulum Golf also make putter grips, these feature the same design and colours as the wedge grips and are available in two different sizes and both are available at either 45g or 90g weights.


I went with the standard size 45g grip in black and white. Again the feel of the grip in your hands is lovely and having the markings helps to grip the club consistently. The grips offers good feedback and I can tell when I have hit an off centre shot which you can lose with some thicker putter grips.


For me the putter grip is not as stand out as the wedge grips, unlike the wedge grips I think I will probably end up going back to my old putter grip however I am going to give it longer to see if I change my mind.


All the grips feature a stitch line down the back of the grip and for me I love this little detail it makes the grips feel that little bit more high end. It also offers a slight ridge which for some will help align the grip similar to a rib but less pronounced.


The wedge grips are my favourite piece of golf equipment I have tried in quite a while and I highly recommend that everyone gives them a try.


I will be giving one of them away soon so keep your eyes peeled if you want a chance to try one out.


Thanks for reading.


Best regards and happy golfing.




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