Wyre Golf

I recently got the opportunity to try out Wyre Golf’s range of balls and before I go into the details I will say that overall I was impressed by all their ball offerings and loved the packaging. For those of you who have not heard of Wyre Golf they are an online based retailer based out of Germany. They like many other independent retailers are based purely online to help reduce over heads to allow them to produce a competitively priced product. Currently they only ship to the UK, Europe an UAE so unfortunately our American friends will need to wait to try these out.


Before I go onto look at the balls themselves the packaging deserves a mention as it is one of the best looking packaged golf balls I have seen in a while. Similar to the likes of VICE Golf rather than just going for the standard single colour box they have printed different designs on each box. The Genesis balls feature a moon scape print, the Atlas look to have Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Titan has a scale print.

Now onto the balls, the Genesis is your standard 2-piece golf ball aimed at the higher handicap golfer or those with a slower swing speed. I was pleasantly surprised when I played this ball it performed well in pretty much ever area for me the only area I felt it fell down slightly was the sound it made off the putter. Compared to the likes of the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft (Optix) it has a more clicky sound to it, giving the impression it is not as soft. However this is purely personal preference and does not affect performance what so ever.


The Atlas is their mid-range 3-piece ball aimed at the more advanced golfer who is looking for a bit more control without sacrificing durability. The Atlas has a nice feel and sound to it off the putter and I felt it performed well on approach and greenside shots. I played this ball alongside the Wilson Staff DX3 spin and it performed very similar, on well struck drives the balls ended up in similar positions. This ball was probably my favourite of the 3, it performed well and as a mid handicap golfer I cannot justify buying top of the range golf balls to then lose them after a round or two.


Finally the Titan, this is Wyre Golf’s premium offering it is a 3-piece urethane covered ball. It is geared towards the low handicap golfer who is after increased ball control on approach shots with the extra spin generated by the urethane cover. When I took it out it I did not particularly notice any extra spin on my greenside shots however that is probably more me as a golfer. I imagine on launch monitor it would show up. Off the putter it felt soft and had a nice sound. I played this ball along side the Seed SD-05 and found the SD-05 sounded a little nicer however it was hard to notice any real difference after that.

As with a lot of the online based ball retailers the more you buy the cheaper they become. My best advice for you would be to try and team up with some of your buddies to try these out so you can get the bulk discount without having to buy 36+ balls that you might not like.

If you are in the market for some new balls this season then definitely give Wyre Golf a look.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards and happy golfing


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