Nike ID


There’s no denying there is something special about owning a custom made item whether it be a putter, ball marker or pair of shoes.


With Nike no longer in the equipment game and focusing more on their apparel and shoes might we see the return of Nike ID. Nike ID is still around for the likes of running, basketball and football shoes however golf has not been featured for a number of years now.

nikeid tw 14

From what I remember Nike pulled the golf side of Nike ID due to a lack of sales and it not being profitable for them. However with the recent surge in custom golf products such as headcovers and putters, surely now would be a good time for them to re-enter the custom market.


If you look at the support Nomad customs receives when he shows off a pair of customised Nike shoes then it is clear to see there is definitely a market for them. Receiving well over a thousand likes per pair of custom shoes.


I remember spending hours on Nike ID in the past designing custom shoes including trainers and football boots. There was something quite therapeutic about designing your own pair of shoes.

While I’m not claiming Nike stole my design but I do remember designing a pair of Free 3.0 (I think) and then not long later the exact same design was released. Now I’m not saying they owe me but it was very coincidental, on the plus side it meant I didn’t have to pay the extra for a pair of ID’s. I still own that pair today as they were the pair that started my trainer addiction however they have seen better days.


If Nike ID golf were to open it doors once more then one of the styles that would surely be a huge success would be the Nike TW ’13. While this is an old style that is no longer made there is no denying that this is one of Nike’s best looking golf shoes to date.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


Best Regards and Happy Golfing




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