The Colour Revolution

Is 2018 going to be the year of the colour revolution for the humble golf ball. Over recent years clothing manufactures in the golf industry have been experimenting with more radical designs and colours, think Ted Baker Golf as a prime example. There have also been a variety of different coloured clubs released over recent times think Cobra woods from a few years back and now Taylormade and Odyssey with their red putters.


Up until now the humble golf ball has not really seen much change, majority of manufactures only release a white ball and for a few models a yellow version. However this year feels like it is going to be the year of colour for the golf ball you have had the likes of Volvik, who are probably the pioneers of the recent resurgence of the coloured golf ball, and Vice who have been making coloured balls previously. Callaway has also dabbled in changing the colour of the golf ball with their Truvis version of the Chromesoft which is different to anything else on the market.

There is no denying that golf balls are a big money maker for companies as you cannot play golf without balls and unfortunately for a lot of us they are very easy to lose. In an era when more and more golfers are looking to make their equipment unique and stand out the next obvious step is the golf ball.


Majority of the major balls manufactures will have a ball that is not your standard white or yellow in 2018 that is readily available.

Wilson at the end of 2017 released their DX2 Optix (Duo Optix in America) line of balls which is their hugely popular DX2 soft (Duo soft) in a new high vis matte finish. The DX2 Optix will be available in orange, red/pink, green and yellow all in a matte finish. I have had the pleasure of gaming these and I can say that it is a lot easier to spot them in the sky on overcast days when you might lose a tradiotnal white ball.


Taylormade recently announced that they would be releasing a new model the Project S ball which will be available in a range of matte finishes including white yellow and orange. While this may not be as radical as the likes of Volvik it is definitely a step in their direction from taylormade.


As mentioned previously Volvik have a range of different coloured balls available, Vice have their 3 different Pro balls and Callaway have their Chromesoft Truvis. Will we see Titleist announce the release of a new coloured ball for 2018, I cant see it but you never know they might, a bright coloured Pro V could do well.


What are your thoughts on coloured golf balls, are you a fan or do you feel like it is just a gimmick? I can definitely see the merits of using one when the it is overcast and it is hard to spot a white ball as it does help make them stand out in the sky.



Thanks for reading and happy golfing



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