The Face of Golf

The face of golf is changing. Well at least the face of the driver is changing anyway. Technology in golf is always changing and companies are looking for new ways to make golf easier for your average player and tour pro alike. In recent times we have seen the introduction of moveable weights, adjustable necks and composite heads. Now there is a focus on changing the face to improve performance!

First there was the introduction of vertical grooves by the aptly named Vertical Groove Golf. Who claim that the vertical grooves help reduce side spin on the ball amongst other things. Whilst changing the orientation of the groves isn’t a major change it is still a change none the less.


Like most products, new golf clubs have a lot of planning and research behind them so while Vertical Groove probably didn’t influence any of the following technology I wouldn’t be surprised if it might have sped up the introduction of the technology.

Next along came Cobra with there CNC milled face, unlike Vertical Groove, Cobra have kept the standard horizontal grooves on the face but have also milled the rest of the face in a variety of directions. In the centre of the face is a milled circle which is designed to help with spin. The milled face also allows the faces on the clubs to be made more consistent and helps reduce overall weight.


The most recent of offerings comes from Taylormade with their twist face. The twist face has been designed so that as it moves away from centre and towards the upper toe the face becomes slightly open. And as the face moves towards the lower heel of the face it becomes slightly closed. This is to reduce the effect of off centre hits that create slices and hooks on a traditional face. The newly designed face is designed to reduce the effects of these off centre hits and help keep the ball on the fairway.

This technology is not something new, both Cobra and Adams have tried something similar on their drivers however Taylormade are using a more prominent ‘twist’.


Three different technologies from three different companies it will be interesting to see if the likes of Ping or Callaway bring out their own newly designed face in the future. However apart from making them thinner I am unsure of what they will do. While I am unsure how much of a difference vertical grooves and a cnc milled face will make the twist face sounds like it could make a difference for those that consistently miss either toe high or low on the heel.


Thanks for reading and happy golfing.




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