A GolfWRX article that I didn’t agree with

I recently read an online article published on GolfWRX that takes a pop at anyone who has bought a K Sig pack of balls.

The article overall looks at the online golf buyers and the effect it can have on local clubs. This is an interesting topic and one that is not just relevant to golf it is the same in every area where consumers purchase something, whether that be clothes or your weekly shop.

However I have an issue with the way the article is written and focus of it. The article criticizes people who buy the Costco K Sig ball basically saying that they should think about buying balls from their local pro even though they may cost more. While this is a fair point my issue is that the article only ever mentions the K Sig as if this is the only problem.

What about the likes of Snell and Vice who are probably having a bigger impact on the sale of golf balls rather than the K Sig which was only available in limited places and quantities. The likes of Vice in particular is constantly selling out of their online stock due to there marketing structure which encourages you to purchase large amounts to receive greater discounts. Surely the likes of Vice should be the focus of this article rather than a ball which was around for about 2 months and was only available in one country.

Again I agree with the under lying point of this article that golfers should consider purchasing from their local pro shop or at least spend some money in the club afterwards for food or a drink. However I do not think the article itself is well written as it pretty much puts all the blame on someone who has bought the K Sig golf ball. Now I understand that this is probably due to the recent press surrounding the re-release of the K Sig however you cannot blame an issue like this just on one product.


Thanks for reading and happy golfing.






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