DIY Headcover

Before I start I need to mention LoPan12 on the GolfWRX forums for giving me the initial idea and a starting point.

So if you know how to use a sewing machine or even if you don’t then you will be able to do this. Before doing this I think I had used a sewing machine once maybe twice, I just read the instructions and kept it simple.


So what do you need to do this; you will need your material of choice wether that be leather or fabric, you will need some fabric to line it with and if you feel adventurous wadding to give the headcover padding. You will also need a sewing machine, thread, elastic, a good pair of scissors and a template which you can download from here;


Once you have your supplies it is time to get going, first things first you will need to cut out the fabric using the template, the easiest way to do this is use chalk (or a yellow pencil if using black material) to draw round the template then cut along the lines. For your lining you do not need to have the shape exact a rectangle that is the same size will do.


Once you have all the material cut it is time for the fun to begin. The following instructions are for how to make a lined headcover, this took me a while to figure out so I hope you appreciate it. Take your back piece of material and using the lines on the template sew the elastic onto the inside of the material so you wont see it when finished.


Now take your outer place it face up and place your lining face down on top of that with the wadding on top if using, now stitch the bottom edge together. Once you have done that for both the back and the front it gets slightly trickier. Now you need to unfold the lining and outer, now place the two outers with the outside of the material facing each other so you see the inside and the same with the lining. From here you need to stitch down the sides and round the top of the outer and about three quarters of the way down the lining leaving the the bottom edge of the lining open so you can fold it back.


Once folded you need to start folding the inner back over the outer until you get about half an inch of outer folded back up.

From here you then need to stitch the top of the lining, if you have any excess material you can cut it off as long as the lining goes past the top of the outer at this point. Once you have done that you want to stitch round the bottom of the outer to stop it from unfolding. img_0946

Now all you do from here is fold the whole thing back on itself and there you have yourself a headcover for either your hybrid, wood or driver.


I would suggest you try it first on some material you don’t mind wasting as it will probably take a couple of attempts to figure it all out. However once you understand the process it is very straight forward.

Good luck to everyone who gives this a go, if you do tag me in any pictures you post on Instagram so I can see your creations.


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