Yips, Owen Brown and Vice – Alternative Golf Gloves

Style on the golf course has changed a lot over the years and this can be seen in the evolution of the golf glove. A few years ago you would have struggled to find a golf glove that wasn’t either white or black. Whereas now you can find golf gloves in pretty much any colour and a variety of different patterns as well. This in my opinion is a breath of fresh air as while an all white golf glove does look classy and don’t get me wrong if I had to choose a glove for life I would pick an all white leather glove, think the old Taylormade R11 glove, still one of my favourites. There is no denying that there is something appealing about a glove with a little pop of colour to add to your outfit.


One of the leaders in this explosion of colour is Gfore, they have offered high end premium golf gloves in a range of colours for a number of years now. However in recent times the number of brands offering quality golf gloves has grown massively. I am going to take a look at three of these brands; Vice Golf, Yips Golf and Owen Brown, however there are plenty other offerings out there.


One thing I must say before I go in to review these gloves is unlike most golfers I only wear my glove while using my driver. I don’t know why I started doing this but I started a couple of years ago and have been playing my best golf since. It is hard to comment much on durability of the gloves as I will typically only wear each one for about 12-15 shots per round depending on the course.


Vice Golf


While Vice Golf’s offering might not be the most revolutionary in terms of either design or colour I feel it is definitely worth a mention. Style wise at first glance this looks just like any other white glove however at a closer look you notice the light grey highlight round the wrist. For me this highlight is what makes the glove stand out and is why I like it. It has the look of a traditional glove with a subtle twist which makes it unique and classy. The glove itself is made from high quality leather and you can tell this when you try it on. The glove shows no signs of wear and feels like it will hold up well.


The only slight drawback for me on this glove is that the length of the fingers is slightly longer than I would like. When wearing the glove there is a tiny bit of excess material at the end of each finger which isn’t a major issue it is just a slight niggle.


Yips Golf


SnapseedAs you can see I chose to go with the Yips Golf limited edition artic camo glove, this is one of their more extravagant designs and definitely stands out from most other gloves. The glove features a artic camo design on the back of the hand and a plain grey palm. This will be so that the design doesn’t rub off on the palm which would not look good after a few rounds. Yips offer a range of different colours and along with a jungle camo design. Their gloves are made from premium cabretta leather which gives it lovely feel when worn. The leather they use is extremely thin which offers a fantastic feel when gripping your clubs. The sizing on the glove is good and I would recommend you buy your standard size of glove.


Unfortunately I think I received a faulty glove as during my third round using the glove when I went to take the glove off the back of the glove ripped along the stitching round the velcro. However I must say that Yips were excellent when I got in touch with them regarding this and sent me a replacement out.


Owen Brown

IMG_3613At the minute this is my favourite glove. The main reason for this is the fit, this glove is perfect on me. I like a tight fitting glove and this fits the bill perfectly for me it hugs my hand without felling like it is a size too small. I decided to go down a slightly different root with the colour of this one I went with brown. This glove adds a touch of class to any outfit its like a good pair of leather shoes or a belt it just adds that finishing touch. I have had numerous comments from other players asking about who makes it. I will definitely be buying another one when my current rotation needs updating.


For me the only slight niggle is the velcro closing tab, the rest of the glove looks classy and this almost looks a bit cheap. I feel like the fastening tab has not had much attention paid to it. They could have done something as simple as continuing the same colour leather on the tab rather than using a white synthetic material. This is not a major issue and in no way affects performance however I do think it is something they should consider in the future. However as a brand new company which only launched earlier this year they have done well to bring to market such a good glove first time.


Glove choice is a very personal issue for many players as many gloves fit people differently, I would however suggest to anyone considering buying any of these gloves to buy your normal size as that is what I have done and I would not buy a different size if I were to buy again. Any of these gloves will perform you well it is just down to personal preference, are you looking for something that will stand out and be noticed or are you looking for a slightly more traditional look.

Yips and Owen Brown often run discount offers via their social media accounts so it is always worth keeping your eye out to see if they have any promotions running.


Thank you for reading and happy golfing.


Putts Fore Par

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