This seasons must have accessory – The Stretch Web Belt

The must have accessory for this season seems to be the stretch web belt, the likes of Nike, Puma and RLX to name just a few brands have all released their own version. However do you need to splash out £30+ on a branded belt or can you get the look for less. The MultiWare Elasticated Woven Stretch Belt from Amazon could be your answer at only £3.96 (at time of purchase) it is an absolute steal.


The Belt

The belt I purchased was the grey model however it comes in a variety of different colours depending on your preference. I went with grey as I planned on wearing this belt with a range of different trousers and grey goes with most colours. The belt is a one size fits all and measures 105.5 cm so will fit majority of waists as it does have a lot of stretch to it. Unlike a traditional belt it doesn’t have holes to put the buckle in however you push the buckle through the gaps in the webbing. One of the benefits of the belts design is that it stretches with you as you move so if you sit down you won’t get it digging into you.

snapseed-10Trying to take a picture of your belt while out on a golf course without looking weird is quite hard, you get a few odd locks from the other golfers out on the course.

The review

First thing first I have had the belt for roughly 2 months and have worn it fimg_3271or both golfing and also casual day to day wear. Looks wise the belt looks like any other web style belt, from a distance you would have no idea if this was a branded belt or not as the only difference is this doesn’t have a logo stamped on the leather tip or etched on the buckle. How often are you really going to have someone standing
up close staring at your waist to notice. The belt itself is made from what feels like quality materials the only down side is that the stitching is not of the best standard in some places but again no one will ever notice unless they are looking out for it up close. (see image) One of the best parts about these styles of belts is that you can truly customise the fit of it as you don’t have specific holes for the buckle.

I have worn this belt a lot over the past 2 months and it has been my go to for both golf and casual wear. It has held up extremely well and has not lost any of its elasticity, I was worried how the belt would hold up with the price tag in mind however I have been pleasantly surprised the belt still looks new and has no signs of wear. The only downside for me is that the belt only came in one length being of a slim build there is quite a bit of belt that sticks out the buckle, luckily in my golf trousers there are two belt loops at the front which keeps it tucked away. However it would have been better if the belt had come in different sizes like some of the branded equivalents do.



If you are looking to get yourself a stretch web belt to complete your look for next season I would definitely have a look at this belt. It can hold its own against the competition and at under £4 if you damage or lose it you won’t think twice about replacing it. If you are under a 30″ waist you might want to look around for one that comes in a shorter length such as 95cm.

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