Tee Claw

Tee Claw – About

Tee Claw is an American based company that are looking to improve everyones play from synthetic tees either at the range or on the course allowing you to play better golf. The concept was borne out of a desire to play better golf when at the range or play off artificial tee boxes.

The Tee claw is revolutionary as it allows you to move your tee around anywhere on the mat, you are no longer forced to tee off from where the rubber tube is placed. It also offers you more choice in tee height as you can use any size tee to acquire your desired height based on what club you are using. The Tee Claw also comes with an elastic lanyard which is used to keep the Tee Claw from getting lost but also brings additional functionality as it provides you with a visual aid to check swing path and foot alignment meaning you no longer need to carry around alignment rods.

The Tee Claw delivers an easy, consistent, and realistic transition from practice sessions to the links for golfers of all levels like never before.

Tee Claw – Review

Having used the Tee Claw for the past month I can say that this little gadget is a must have for anyone who plays golf over winter in the UK. It is equally useful if you spend a lot of time at the range practicing. If like many your course uses artificial tees over winter then I would recommend investing in one of these. It has allowed me to use my normal tees over the past month and keep the ball at the same height as I would have it teed up during the summer. Meaning that you don’t need to worry about playing off a higher or lower tee than you are used to and having to try and change your swing to suit. It also allows you to adjust the height to use a fairway wood off the tee and not have to play it off the deck like you would often have to do.
The one down side to using the Tee Claw during practice rounds is that you need to instal it on the tee each time you want to use it. While this is a very easy and straight forward process it does take longer than sticking your golf ball on a rubber tube. However I think this extra set up time is worth it for the benefits of getting to use a normal tee and have it set up at your desired height.

If you are using it at the range then this is not a concern as you have more time anyway. It is also really useful to check your swing path and foot position. You can also make use of multiple Tee Claws to help with your set up and make sure you are square to the ball, allowing you to make your practice sessions at the range more purposeful.

Tee Claw – Final Thoughts

img_3005-1Overall the Tee Claw is one of the most useful practice aids that we have used here at Putts Fore Par. Its multi functionality is a real stand out and small size compared to many practice aids means you can easily keep it in your bag without having to sacrifice any space.

You  can purchase the Tee Claw direct from their website – http://teeclaw.com/. Or to save on having to pay for postage from the states and customs charges you can get them from Unique Golf Products Scotland – http://www.ugps.co.uk/

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