Winter Golf Gloves

Winter golf gloves can be one of the most essential pieces of kit for playing golf during the colder months for some. They can offer you the grip of a normal golf glove and the warmth of a normal glove. If like me you suffer from poor circulation in your hands and need the extra protection that winter gloves offer then this post is for you.

Mizuno Thermagrip (2016)


The Thermagrip are Mizuno’s offering into the winter golf glove market this year, these are the gloves I have been using for the past couple months. The gloves feature quite an extended collar at the wrist which is good for keeping you warm however if you tend to play with a watch on it can catch a little. Unlike previous models which featured a full leather palm this years model feature a mix of synthetic material and leather on the palm, the leather is strategically placed in places of high wear such as at the bottom of the palm and the thumb. Personally this is an oversight by Mizuno I prefer a full leather palm as I feel it offers you a better feel on the grip. The glove has a velcro tab on the back of the palm for adjustability, while this is a tried and tested method the plastic tab they have used is a bit big for my liking and you can notice it the first few times you were the gloves. However even with these slight issues they are still a quality pair of gloves and offer a nice fit once you get used to the tab on the back. They have held up well and show no signs of wear and while I am not a fan of the mixed palm they do still offer a good grip when holding your clubs and I have had no slipping issues in wet weather. You can find these at most online golf retailers.

FootJoy WinterSof


At first glance the WinterSof look like a pair of normal gloves, one of the reasons for this is unlike most golf gloves they do not feature an adjustable strap on the back of the hand to adjust the fit. While this is not necessarily a bad thing it does mean that you need to try these gloves on before you buy them. I like playing with a glove that is quite snug and unfortunately these did feel slightly too big on me which I do feel would have be sorted with a strap. If they do fit you though they have a lovely feel to them and seem like they would offer you good protection against the cold. They feature an extended ribbed collar similar to that on the Mizuno’s however the material doesn’t feel as thick which was nice as it meant it doesn’t get in the way of your sleeves as much. The Wintersof have a ‘Autosuede knit palm’. This is FootJoy’s trademark material for their winter gloves and offers good grip in dry conditions, one of the cons about it for me is that it does not feel like it is going to last too well over time and might wear out with repeated use. The finishing touch on these gloves is they have a tee holder incorporated into the side of the glove. This is an excellent idea as trying to pull tees out pockets with winter gloves on can often be a struggle.
All in all if you are looking for a good pair of winter gloves that will keep your hands warm then these are worth a look provided you can get a pair that offer you a good fit.

John Letters Winter Golf Gloves

The first thing I must say about the John Letters Winter Golf Gloves is that they are no longer manufactured however you can still occasionally find them on sites like eBay. I wanted to include these gloves as for me they are the best pair of winter gloves I have tried and my pair has lasted me around 5 years. They feature a fleece like upper with a small Velcro tab on to allow for some adjustability. They have an extended ribbed collar to keep any cold air from getting in, unlike the Thermagrip and Wintersof the ribbed collar on these is not as long which makes them easier to put on and take off and also means they do not get in the way of your sleeves. The palm on these is made from cabretta leather and feels slightly thicker than what you would find on a normal glove meaning they have more wear in them. That being said I have worn my pair for the last 4 winters and the leather stills has held up extremely well and have a couple more winters left in them. The full leather palms provides you with excellent grip and feel on your clubs and don’t feel to far from wearing a normal glove. The only downside to these gloves is that the JL logo on the Velcro tab did fall off after a while but this does not affect the functionality in anyway. While these golf gloves are no longer produced if you can find yourself a pair I would highly recommend getting a pair.

Thanks for reading and Happy golfing


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