Bputters – The Italian putter company

Bputters is a small custom putter manufacturer based in Italy which was born on the golf course. They pride themselves on their unique Italian approach to milled putters, and there commitment to making high quality putters that any golfer would be proud to own. As they say on their website “quality without compromise”.


The Putters

Bputters currently offers 6 different models all with their own twist; Hammer, Coyote, Panther, Space, Scuderia B15 and Bandit. Each putter is unique in its own way but all are made with the highest level of care and available in either Italian 303ss or Carbon steel. They also offer a range of different finishes depending on what your putter is made of such as black pearl and rose gold. For a more detailed look at each putter check out their website;  http://www.bputters.com/putters



Bputters also offer a large range of accessories ranging from putter covers and leather pouches to ball markers and divot tools. One of their stand out covers for me as to be their all leather cover which adds a bit of class to any bag. It is available
in two different styles velcro or their innovative clip closure



Bputters offer a range of different ball markers and divot tools available in either stainless steel or damascus.I recently got sent one of their ball markers and divot tools both are made from stainless steel and feature their torched finish. The first thing I must say about these is that out on the course in the sun they look awesome. The ball marker has a lovely weight to it and is 1.18″ similar in size to the poker chip markers that are becoming popular. It has a nice weight to it and feels like it will last a lifetime and definitely wont get blown away on the green. With it being a large marker it is one you would need to make sure is out your partners line as if a ball did hit it there would be a significant change in direction.


The divot tool is again in their torched finish it has a lovely feel to it and is easy to use and fixes any divots on the green with ease. My one concern with this is the finish I am not sure how long the finish will last with it being repeatedly stuck into the ground. However only time will tell. Both the ball marker and divot tool came with custom made leather pouches to keep them in which was a really nice finishing touch.

So if you are looking for a new putter but don’t want a standard off the rack putter that everyone else uses then Bputters is definitely worth a look with their range of uniquely styled putters. Or if you are after some stylish accessories to help you stand out on the course.


Thanks for reading and Happy golfing


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