Yips Golf – Glove Review

The Brand;

If you haven’t heard of Yips Golf then you are not alone, they are a relatively new brand in golf based in Sweden looking to liven up with golf game with a bit of colour and style. They currently have a range of gloves ranging from the more traditional white, with a camo tag to keep things modern, to a full on arctic camo glove and a range of colours in between. They also offer two different style of towels a jungle camo one and a pink one with a white flamingo print.

The brand has been getting a bit of stick on some online golf forums due to there choice in name with golfers saying that they wouldn’t want to use a product with the word ‘yips’ on it due to the negative connotations associated with it. However this is a rather trivial issue.


The Glove;

The glove I tested was one of their Arctic Camo gloves. The first thing that must be mentioned is that if you are in to more modern designs and a bit of flare then this particular glove is worth a look. As soon as I pulled it out my bag both my playing partners were intrigued and asked to have a look at it. The Arctic Camo glove features an arctic camo print on the back of the hand with an orange tab on the closure. The palm of the glove is dark grey, one of the reasons for this is if the print had been on the palm as well if would have worn off over time with wear. It is definitely a stand out glove as the majority of gloves you find these days are solid colours and mainly white with maybe a few highlights to liven it up. The size of the glove is fairly standard and I would recommend buying your usual size, I bought the same size as I would if buying a Titleist glove and it fitted fine.

The glove looks and feels well made it is constructed out of “A+ Premium Cabretta leather” and you can tell this when you first put it on it has a lovely soft feel to it. The leather they use does seem slightly thicker to some gloves I have used previously however this is not a bad thing as it means it should last longer as it will have more wear in it. It is not overly thicker so you do not notice it when you are gripping your club and you still feel like you have a good grip on your club. I have taken the glove out for 3 full rounds and a session on the range and there is very little wear on the palm of the glove.

There is one negative that I must mention about this glove, the glove I received from YIPS did have imperfections in the print, it looked like there was a slight fold in the leather when the print was applied which has left a small white crease. This does not affect the performance merely the aesthetics.

Overall I would recommend you to take a look at Yips Golf if you are looking for a more modern offering when it comes to our golf glove. Depending on what colour option you go for they are priced at roughly £17 for one of the standard editions or £21 for one of the limited edition Camo versions. However if you follow them on Instagram or Twitter they do give out discount codes from time to time.

Website: http://yipsgolf.co/

Thanks for reading and happy golfing!


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